Cinders Commercial Barbeques

For decades, Cinders has been the clear market leader for commercial barbeques, with their designs constantly upgrading to maintain their position.
Their flagship product, the Caterer TG160 is a legendary workhorse of the industry, while their Cavalier SG80 has the same features packed into a smaller, single-grill operation.

Slimfold Caterer BBQCinders Caterer BBQ TG160Cinders Caterer BBQ TG160RRP: £1,995.00Our Price: £1,595.00With VAT: £1,914.00Add to CartMore Info
Slimfold Cavalier BBQCinders Cavalier BBQ SG80Cinders Cavalier BBQ SG80RRP: £1,195.00Our Price: £956.00With VAT: £1,147.20Add to CartMore Info