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Seko Peristaltic Detergent and Rinse Aid Pumps including BR3, PG3, PG04, PR4, PR7, PR1, Twindose 10, Twindose 20, DR25, DR30, DD1 and all other Seko chemical dosing equipment

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Adjustable Rinse Aid PumpOmniwash Code SEKOBM04Omniwash Code SEKOBM04RRP: £85.50Our Price: £40.00With VAT: £48.00Add to CartMore Info
Fixed Detergent PumpOmniwash Code SEKONPG3Omniwash Code SEKONPG3RRP: £76.00Our Price: £27.00With VAT: £32.40Add to CartMore Info
SEKO PRT6 Detergent PumpOmniwash Code SEKOPRT6Omniwash Code SEKOPRT6RRP: £160.00Our Price: £39.50With VAT: £47.40Add to CartMore Info

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